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  About us  
PNX LOGISTICS Pvt ltd is founded on the vision to provide end to end logistic solutions to modern day industry.
We fully recognize the importance of logistic company being a partner in the process of meeting customer requirements and ensuring they are provided nonstop solutions from transportation of raw materials to finished goods being provided necessary warehousing and delivery services at the widest possible destinations.
In order to achieve above stated mission , we have built our infrastructure with new and an  average below three year fleet for trouble free running , with newly built safe and secure warehouses, multi lingual customer support staff, industry trained dispatchers and cutting edge technology adopting every possible options to optimize seamless flow of information.
Our executives have the necessary knowledge and experience of interstate procedures, transit times, octroi and sales tax regulations to keep our customers freight moving without any delay or unnecessary procedural hurdles.
We have a dedicated customer support staff to keep track and maintain constant communication with shippers, dispatchers, truckers, octroi agents and receivers from the time your shipment is picked up, until it is delivered.